Distribution & Selling Interface
  • Amadeus Selling Platform Connect (SECO)
    • This industry-leading Amadeus software increases productivity, requires no installation, and can be tailored to your specific needs for Air, Hotels, Cars ,Insurance & Rail !
    • Amadeus Selling Platform Connect is a professional booking and fulfilment platform that boasts a powerful set of core features needed to perform key booking tasks.
    • Access any time and from any machine running Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers,Chrome,Safari simply using your credentials.
    • Access & upgrades to all users instantly
    • Work with 8 tasks in parallel (4 PNRs & 4 Profiles)
    • Cryptic Magic allows staff exposed to different GDS to work easily on Amadeus
  • Amadeus Selling Platform (ASP)
    • This browser based on point-of-sale platform makes the sale of air & non-air content very easy, efficient & faster.
    • The multi-content desktop seamlessly allows integration of third party content (like LCCs, Indian Rail, Travel Insurance, Non GDS Hotel content, Cars, Rail Europe segments, B2B website content & much more) in Amadeus PNR.
    • Serve better by exceeding your customers expectations with integrated customer profiles.
    •  Choose between graphic or cryptic interfaces, making it ideal for beginner or expert users.
    • Unique features include Smart Tabs, unlimited and multi-level Smart Keys, PNR Recall, Dual City pair availability, Non Homogenous PNR, ES entry to share PNR for only ticketing purpose, Live Chat with Amadeus Helpdesk to reduce phone calls & eliminate costs.
  • Front office Solution (FOS)
    • A new web based Solution to ensure quality compliant PNR creation with all necessary Codes and Remarks in tickets & PNRs for both Full Service Carriers & LCCs. No need to depend on Travel Consultant's competency as all critical information can be mandated to be inserted in the PNR before & after ticketing.
    • Reduces errors & omissions leading to fewer debit notes and customer complaints.
    • No need to log into various airline websites. Single screen for both LCC & GDS content with all level of Fares (Public, Private & Corporate) You can send Quotes & travel options using just a few clicks on the FOS interface which is fully graphical! No entries to learn , No training to attend!
    • You can ensure all PNRs have pre-defined Remarks and mandatory elements to provide superior customer service so that no PNRs are incomplete . Include Special Remarks, Requests, Corporate Identifier & other Codes & SSRs. Automatic Profile integration in the PNR takes place thereby reducing errors & faults in the PNR. With various inbuilt automated features you save a lot of time, improve communication with your customer which results in increased customer loyalty & satisfaction with the Service Levels being aimed at by your travel company.
  • Mobile Selling Platform (MSP)
    • Designed for the B2B World of travel consultants familiar with amadeus entries.
    • Mobile Selling (MSP) Access enables users to enter Amadeus cryptic command, giving instant access to a world of travel content including Air, Car, hotel, profile, Fare, Ticket Documents, Queues and more.
    • mobile application available on iTunes & google play
  • Self Booking Tool (SBT)
    An advanced & cost-effective online Corporate Self Booking Tool called BirdRes SBT is a web based solution intended for Corporates who expect their Travel Management company to provide them with tools to control their Travel Cost.
    • Access to broadest selection of travel content with both Full Service and Low Cost Carriers
    • Provides 100% transparency of Fares & Availability to the Corporate (including Corporate & Web Fares) Allows Post Travel Documents & details to be stored for analysis
    • Integration with 3rd party ERPs like SAP & Oracle available
    • Automated Approval /Rejection process through Emails & Smartphones/ Tablets
    • Multi Level Approval process to do away with all paper & admin process
    • Guest Bookings can be easily processed
    BirdRes allows the travel industry players to effectively manage all aspects of their content and payment needs in a flexible and easy to use solution.
    • Low Cost Carriers Indian & International Budget Hotel Content Indian Railways, Coaches & Land Transportation like Cars Activities & Entertainment like Segway Tours, Iskate & Cinemas Special Services like Airport Meet & Assist services Payment of Utility Bills & Services International SIM Cards Visa Information
    • provides a one-stop shop experience to the travel agents It provides Content not traditionally and easily available on the GDS Automates sale & payment process ,saves time!
  • BirdRes IBE (B2C)
    • Birdres IBE is an onlight flight search & booking portal which uses Amadeus GDS content through Webservices & Masterpricer.
    • End Users have an intuitive Graphical user Interface to seach & book travel requirements . BirdRes IBE portal facilitates full back office & admin operations.
    • It provides the lowest fares for both Full Service Carriers & LCCs. It has various flexible Form of Payment like Online Credit/Debit Cards.
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Specialised leisure content from a single platform, together with innovative customer focused technology, to make a real difference to your customers and your business.

Only Amadeus delivers a combination of both end-to-end process automation and global business partnership. We work in partnership with the world's leading consolidators.

Specialised leisure content from a single platform, together with innovative customer focused technology, to make a real difference to your customers & your business.

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