MHplus goes global beginning 23rd January 2024
In our relentless pursuit of enhancing your booking experience, Malaysia Airlines proudly announces that MHplus, will now be globally available as part of its Retailing & New Distribution Capability (NDC) initiative in six vibrant markets: Malaysia (MY), Indonesia (ID), India (IN), Australia (AU), Singapore (SG), and the United Kingdom (UK). Get ready to embark on a journey of elevated content accessibility and exclusive benefits.
MHplus now opens doors to a host of benefits:
  • Gain access to third-party distribution content.
  • Take advantage of exclusive offers, such as MH Economy Lite, which includes a 10kg Free Bag Allowance.
  • Benefit from competitive fares and qualify for commissions for ancillary products.
  • Remuneration offering opportunity.
This marks an exhilarating shift as MH Economy Lite will cease to be available through third-party EDIFACT channels in selected markets effective 23 January 2024. It signifies a transformative shift in content access, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to offering diverse fare options tailored to customer preferences. This exclusive feature can be accessed through our revolutionary MHplus platform and MH Internet Booking Engine (IBE).

Connecting to MHplus ensures effortless access to our comprehensive range of third-party distribution channel content. Bid farewell to the traditional and embrace a new era of travel retailing.

Your journey with MHplus begins:
  • MHplus Information-Agent Support Pack: Delve into the attached support pack for detailed insights into MHplus : Agent Support Pack
  • Global FAQ Roll-Out: Find answers to your questions in our updated FAQ section : FAQ
For any assistance or clarification, please contact your respective Amadeus Account Manager.
Best regards,
Team Amadeus India