Solutions for Superior Customer Service (Documents & Alert)
  • Amadeus Cross Sell Push for ancillary services
      Amadeus Cross Sell Push for ancillary services is a solution for all Amadeus Selling Platform Connect users that facilitates the sale of seats and additional bags.
    • Cross-Sell Push will inform the agent if they are missing a seat or a baggage* and open the catalogue with the right category selected by default.
    • It will expose Ancillary Services products that are not well known by the travel agents.
    • Prices for bags and seats will be (if chargeable) displayed, so that the agent can quickly inform his customer.
    • Benefits:
    • Increase travel agent’s revenue since they can offer additional services to the customers.
    • Increase travel agent’s productivity, by helping them manage seats and baggage* in a professional and efficient way.
    • Improve customer service by tailoring the offer to the customers' needs.

    • *Terms & conditions apply.
  • Amadeus Travel Alerts Notifier (ATAN)
    • An easy to use cross-channel solution whih processes information from OAG Dynamic Flight Status,OAG Schedules,Amadeus Altea Schedules to notify & alert the travellers in real time about flight time changes. There are 17 triggers to chose from including alerts on gate change,terminal change,baggage claim,flight delays etc.Travellers can get notified the moment a ticket is issued or when waitlist is cleared.
  • Amadeus Mobile Messenger (AMM)
    • Reinforce your risk management strategy and monitor the safety and wellbeing of travelers throughout their trip, anticipating their needs and taking immediate action when needed.Use a one-way message to inform travelers via SMS, smartphone, or email, or use a two-way feedback messaging system to communicate with them. Locate business travelers on request with the GPS functionality on their smartphone and keep a log of communication history.
  • SECO for Mobile Devices
    • Amadeus subscribers can stay connected & access Amadeus Selling Platform Connect (SECO) anytime anywhere through Mobile devices such as phones, IPad and tablets to sell the world of travel content to the travelers thereby delivering excellent customer service.
  • Amadeus Document Management
    • Web Based Printing and Document Management: A new approach of documents in Sell Connect
      Amadeus Document Management allows you to simply click on the document of your choice such as Itinerary, E-TICKET receipt, EMD etc. and save them or print (web based). By default, all generated documents will be handled through the printing window of the browser, which allows selecting the printer. Browser settings apply (IE, Safari & Chrome).
  • Amadeus Dynamic Travel Document (ADTD)
    • Professional and stylish travel documents generated directly from Amadeus PNR.
    • Amadeus Dynamic Travel Document generates itinerary and e-tkt doucment which reflect your agency's brand.You can generated clear ,concise & comprehensive travel information for your travellers & send the same instantly through emails in the format & language of your(passenger's) choice!message tracking & auto-archiving features along with many other features & intutive workflow.
  • Amadeus CheckMyTrip
    • CMT mobile companion: Amadeus Checkmy Trip is a travel itinerary service already used by over 3 million travelers per month.
    • The Mobile App allows Corporate Travellers on the move to check their Travel Details on their Mobile Device & any computer.
    • A choice of 23 languages to access PNRs, Itineraries, Destination Information like Country Guides, Maps, Weather Forecast, Dialing Codes, World Clock, Currency Exchange Rates, Subways Maps for major cities, Airline Online Check-In Website Links with associate Logo types for the convenience of the Corporate Traveller Post travel details on Facebook, download PDF itinerary, Add to Calendar.
  • Amadeus Ancillary, Merchandising & Fare Families
    • Easily book a wide range and continuously growing range of merchandising content from airlines globally through Amadeus Selling Platform Connect. Ancillary services can easily be added on via the “seats and services” catalogue, efficient upselling with fare families ad see the air offer come to life through visuals on your display. Access bundled fares,increased transparency and visibility on airline fare family, including main fare conditions and amenities attached to each fare. Helps you to recommend upgrades to make the passenger’s journey even more comfortable !
  • Amadeus Offers
    • Amadeus Offers is an innovative solution that helps you manage and store pre-booking travel options in a single location, enabling you to quickly respond via email to customer requests for proposals.
    • You can reduce ADMs (Debit Notes) as airline inventory is not blocked when proposals are stored in the PNR!
    • Expense Management Tool (EMS) also available
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Specialised leisure content from a single platform, together with innovative customer focused technology, to make a real difference to your customers and your business.

Only Amadeus delivers a combination of both end-to-end process automation and global business partnership. We work in partnership with the world's leading consolidators.

Specialised leisure content from a single platform, together with innovative customer focused technology, to make a real difference to your customers & your business.

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