Amadeus Cars

A cutting-edge car rental booking solution, helping travel agencies drive ahead of the competition by improving business performance and building customer loyalty.

Our cars solution works from within the Amadeus Selling Platform, providing access to reliable, real-time car rental information with a dynamic booking engine, enabling instantaneous reservations. We automate the booking process so you can easily compare and book cars from multiple providers.

Make efficient reservations

Our platform responds to the need for quick and effective delivery in the business travel industry. We realize that your clients emphasize convenience and efficiency when building journey plans for their employees; hence, we’ve designed a platform with these two qualities in mind.

Speed and efficiency

The booking process on our platform lasts no longer than a few seconds, meaning that your business can be responsive to the demand for pace and adjustability in the business travel market.

Real-time comparison

We provide up to the second search, comparison and booking functions for car rental.

Access cryptic mode

Cryptic mode triggers immediate confirmation directly from the car provider, meaning that you can give your business travel clients a car rental offer within second.

Boost your revenues

With the access we provide to an expansive set of over 40 car rental providers and global multinationals as well as local and regional providers in over 42,000 locations worldwide, it will be easy for your company to meet customer demand and consequently grow your revenues.

Work with our dedicated team that adapt to your clients’ needs

You can streamline and tailor the content from our suppliers to ensure that their car rental needs are met, and your business activity is increased.

Select from a flexible range of payment options

Our solution caters for a wide variety of payment options and plans, meaning no sale opportunities are neglected. We allow for multiple rate types, and pre-paid payments or payments on arrival.

Provide a great service to your customers

We’re here to help with car rental. From rental to delivery, we work 24/7 to ensure that you and your customers get the best deal.

Instant response

At the center of what our service offers is the knowledge that speed and quality are not mutually exclusive. We help you give your business travel clientele great access to car rental providers with unrivalled pace.

Draw from our world class expertise

Our car rental offering is organized, overseen and curated by our in-house team of experts, who can help you discover the options that work best for your customers.

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