Amadeus Hotels

Single access point for all available hotel content with 6.3 million shopping options, 1.6 M unique properties.

Amadeus offers both pre-paid & postpaid Hotel Content from GDS & Non-GDS sources.

Make more money with hotels! Amadeus brings together an inventory of over 2.3 million unique properties and 6.7 million chain, independent and aggregator hotel shopping options in one single shopping and reservation solution. Shop and compare offers directly from 300+ major chains and thousands of independent properties alongside leading aggregators such as HRS, GRN Connect, Agoda,, Expedia and many more.

Full active PNR integration allows your consultants to manage bookings at any time, from anywhere.

With full integration of all hotel booking data to mid- and back-office systems, you have better visibility and tracking capabilities on true hotel spend at agency, corporate client or individual traveller level.

Important Features

  • No knowledge of cryptic or IATA codes required
  • Wide choice of rates and payment models
  • Commission details (percentages and guarantees) clearly visible upfront
  • Multiple filter and sort options (hotel category, price, distance from reference location, facilities…)
  • Pictures & maps
  • Trusted reviews and ratings on various key criteria –know what you’re booking!
  • You can manage content in real-time at different points of sale to reflect a commission-based model, a service charge or net-rate/mark-up model, or negotiated rates, depending on the booker. With a wider breadth and depth of content available than ever before, you can ensure that you find the right trip for your customer in the most efficient way possible.

Short-cut Selling

It all starts with the search being pre-populated from the flight information. Then you can quickly filter through the vast amount of content, with smart features like auto-completion.

Our solution also allows you to rapidly filter through rate content with a new intelligent search engine, by using search criteria based on dozens of hotel facilities or amenities, and intuitive geographical factors. As well as support of corporate and agency policies.

If your traveler has specific requests, narrow down the search even quicker with the additional advanced search options, which allow you to search by: meal plan, star rating, hotel facilities, distance to the city centre and more.

Find the best deal from the available rates by comparing like-for-like on one screen and rapidly select the option that best suits your traveler and the one that will bring you higher margins.

Comparison-shopping has been made even easier with the best price indicator, showing you the best rate for your room combination by comparing like-for-like options.

Once you’re done, email your customers a shortlist of hotels to choose from in seconds with our integrated email comparison feature.

A world of content

Our intelligent search engine now means you can find the right rate for the right hotel at the right time amongst the very long-tail of hotel content. Our underlying hotel database and search engines have been re-engineered to accommodate the long-tail of hotel data and content from different sources, allowing the same properties offered by different providers to be shown via a single display.

The re-engineered system goes beyond just property levels to support different rate types and payment models. This is key given the fragmentation in the hotel industry and customer preferences for different rate types, payment models etc.

By harmonizing the data from disparate sources, the search engine delivers ‘like-for-like’ comparison shopping via an enhanced shopping display e.g. showing for a given hotel a pre-paid, ‘use it or lose it’ half-board rate from one provider alongside a post-paid flexible rate for room and breakfast in the same hotel from another.

Trusted reviews

It’s no surprise that today’s traveler is better informed and more demanding than ever before. Just any accommodation isn’t enough. So how can you make sure you meet these evolving needs? With Amadeus Hotel Ratings API, we help you deliver more of what travelers want.

The Amadeus Hotel Ratings API integrates up-to-date and meaningful traveler reviews right into the heart of the booking process.

Agencies can select from a range of crucial elements, including sleep quality, services, facilities, room comforts, value for money, location and many more. Using a score out of 100, it’s quick and easy to see which scores highly.

With this tool, your booking process is more efficient and travelers from an enriched shopping experience. It’s never been easier to gain loyal travelers as you offer them an accommodation choice that is rated highly in the areas that matter most.

Front of House Cash

From flexible payment methods, customer service enhancers and easy identification of highest commission sales, Amadeus helps you improve cash-flow & drive profitability on every hotel sale.

We work with partners who offer agency pre-paid rates. This means you can get commission in hand, upfront, instead of having to wait until after checkout.

For post-paid rates often preferred by travelers, we work with numerous leading hotel providers who offer commission guarantees with proven efficient consolidation and payment programmes. In addition, our solution supports a number of payment options to ensure you can benefit from Amadeus efficiencies and standards while still working with your preferred hotel aggregators the way you want.

Payment options supported through our new solutions:

  • Customer Credit Card – pay for the hotel via Amadeus using your customer’s credit card
  • Travel agency Credit Card
  • Travel agency Bank/Wire transfer
  • Travel agency Direct Debit
  • Travel agency Credit Line

Depending on the agreement that you have with your hotel partners, choose from one of the above payment methods at booking time. This way it ensures that it is recorded across all of your systems and drives efficiencies across your back office, treasury and supplier management teams.

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