Amadeus Margin Manager

Do you want to manage your agency fees and mark-ups in the most efficient way?

Amadeus Margin Manager automatically computes displays and applies service fees, mark-ups and discounts from shopping to ticket re-issue, guaranteeing full fee collection and a profitable sale every time.

Amadeus Margin Manager is the powerful, integrated point of sales tool that calculates, displays and stores the total sales price (fares, service fees, mark-ups and discounts) throughout the booking flow. It is compatible with any Amadeus front office, maximising revenues and increasing travel agency efficiency.

Maximise revenue opportunities

28% increase of travel agency fee revenue.*

Determine and increase your revenues per sale. Amadeus Margin Manager’s optimised margin schemes enable you to collect all chargeable fees and mark-ups in line with your business policy, improving your margins and bringing an increase of up to 28% in service fee revenues. Margin schemes can be determined based on a variety of criteria including the sales channel, provider, itinerary and geographical zones. Never miss another revenue opportunity. Amadeus Margin Manager helps you target the most profitable sales, and you can apply activity based fees, passing on the real service cost to your customer.

Confirm repeat business

12% reduction overall booking process time.*

Increase customer trust and transparency when justifying fees. Amadeus Margin Manager’s real-time calculation means you can provide your customers with the total and individual components of the price at any point of the consultation, even before a firm reservation is made. Service details can also be locked and stored in the PNR for customer proof or modification at a later stage. And finally, customers will also enjoy a more efficient service with up to 12% time savings on the overall reservation process compared with manual calculations.

Increase productivity

67% reduction in fee application processing time*

Automatic calculation during the consultation and booking process guarantees the “Total Price” (fares + service fees + mark-ups + discounts) without time lost through a switch between front and back office systems. Front to back office integration is totally seamless, thanks to the enriched Amadeus Interface Record (A.I.R) and you can enjoy an increase in productivity of up to 67% for service fee application activities compared with manual processing.

Choosing the right fee, mark-up or discount rule to apply is easy. Different rules can be automatically attached to different customers thanks to the integration with Amadeus Customer Profiles. And rules can be simply set up and maintained from a single administration point in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.


  • Automatic service fee, mark-up, discount calculation and display of margin amounts at the point-of-sale
  • Automatic storage of margin details in the Amadeus system
  • Compatible with any Amadeus front office
  • Total fee, mark-up and discount details provided to the back office for accounting, automated invoicing and statistics
  • Update multiple rules simultaneously


  • Flexible rules engine for sophisticated margin models
  • Central storage of margin rules on the Amadeus server
  • Graphical user interface in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect -creation and maintenance of margin rules
  • Integration with Amadeus Customer Profiles
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