Amadeus Transfers

Amadeus Transfers is a multi-provider taxi and transfer solution covering more than one thousand destinations in 142 markets.

We help our subscribers offer point-to-point transfers with a multi-provider taxi and transfer solution covering more than one thousand destinations.

Amadeus Transfers provides travel sellers with a wide range of chauffeur-driven services they can offer customers. Their travellers can comfortably connect every step of their journey, providing them with peace of mind so they can concentrate on what really matters while they’re travelling.

The solution is available in various formats, making it easy for travel sellers to easily integrate it into their booking flow

  • Plug & play white label
  • Web services (classic and mobile)
  • Amadeus front-end solutions & self-booking tools

With Amadeus Transfers, revenues are just a few clicks away. We offer a commission-based transactional business model where transfer providers pay travel sellers a commission rate generally ranging between 5 and 10%.

Amadeus Transfers Plug & Play white label

For travel sellers who aim for a quick time to market, we have developed a white label HTML that works on a plug-and-play basis and requires little development eff ort. It comes with a range of customisation parameters to match the travel seller’s site look & feel, supports several languages & currencies and offers cross sell capabilities.

The fully responsive, mobile-enabled interface can be integrated easily into a travel seller’s mobile app.

Amadeus Transfers Web Services

Travel sellers who plan to build their own front-end interface will benefit from Amadeus Transfers Web Services. With only two messages, all information needed for the shopping and booking of Transfer services are provided. This is the best choice for travel sellers who want to stay in control of functionality and content of their booking application.

Our Transfer Web Services are available in XML/SOAP and REST/JSON.

Amadeus Transfers on front-end solutions & self-booking tools

Travel professionals and corporate bookers can book transfers services on Amadeus Selling Platform and other Amadeus self-booking tools (i.e. Amadeus e-Travel Management and cytric Travel & Expense) through Smart Tab or Smart Content.

Traveller details and dates are automatically extracted from an existing flight booking and search fields are pre-populated in the Transfer booking tool. The booking is fully integrated into the PNR, which allows for simplified trip servicing and easy access to a transfer booking when needed.

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