Business Management – Backoffice is to be modifed with “CashX”

A Strong application designed to automate and streamline Travel Agency’s accounting and administration processes.

CashX is the most trusted web based business accounting software implemented by thousands of users across India, Sri Lanka, Nepal & Bangladesh.

Key features include:

accuracy I comprehensive reporting I analysis of complete customer and passenger profiles I quick inventory and document handling can be used anytime, anywhere I reduces operations I consolidates multiple branches and extensive data entry

Anywhere and anytime

Welcome to CashX – a complete web based business accounting software convenient for MID and back office operations.

Accurate and reliable

  • CashX provides accurate and reliable reports
  • quality control and standards are maintained according to travel agency requirements

Excellent security features

  • administrator controlled system security
  • restricted rights and module based privileges
  • strong password and user secured rights over secured, encrypted channel

Multi service option

  • designed to handle multiple services and multiple currencies at a single point within the same document

Vast scope

  • CashX can handle and produce quality management information

User friendly environment

  • A graphical user interface helps the user to get accustomed easily with very less training efforts.
  • Single click comprehensive reporting with detailed client analysis.

Powerful reporting

  • accurate & comprehensive analysis
  • wide range of system generated reports
  • management information
  • client statements
  • day-to-day reconciliation purposes

CashX – Product Suite

  • inventory
  • booking card
  • Invoice/ refunds
  • exchange order
  • receipt/payments
  • company setup and security
  • client profile (client account)
  • supplier profile (supplier accounts)
  • management fee
  • service fee
  • miscellaneous rates definitions
  • bank reconciliation
  • DR/CR memo
  • journal voucher
  • financial statements
  • outstanding payments and adjustments
  • cost center definition
  • ledger maintenance
  • credit limit handling
  • service definition master
  • service and sub service rate currency wise

CashX – Product Suite

  • management information for internal purposes
  • management information for customer
  • can be accessed instantly over internet
  • export of the report
  • customized transaction print
  • statement of accounts
  • outstanding reports
  • account ledgers
  • account ledger summary
  • daily collection
  • daily payment
  • ageing report
  • airline wise sale
  • BSP reports
  • client wise sale and refund
  • daily activity report
  • daily sales report
  • earning reports
  • list of outstanding invoice
  • miscellaneous sale and refund reports
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