New Distribution Capability (NDC)

New Distribution Capability (NDC) is just one, yet critical, enabler in the larger vision of enhanced travel retailing. And Amadeus is driving it forward.

  • New Distribution Capability (NDC) is just one, yet critical, enabler in the larger vision of enhanced travel retailing. It’s one of the biggest changes the industry has seen in a long time. And Amadeus is driving it forward.
  • Amadeus has been committed to new distribution capabilities, working alongside IATA to deliver an enhanced new XML-based data transmission standard for market adoption.
  • Amadeus Selling Platform Connect (SECO) a cloud-based booking platform, now allows travel sellers to shop, order, pay and service airline travel offers via an NDC connectivity.
  • A main advantage for travel sellers is that they can now view and compare all available airline flights and related services for any given trip on one single screen, whether they are sourced from EDIFACT, NDC or other APIs. It’s the first time travel sellers can access such a full range of air content all in one place, making it easier for them to compare offers and help their customers to find the best value.
  • As customer service is a top priority for all travel sellers, this new NDC-enabled version of Selling Platform Connect also allows for the servicing of NDC bookings. Travel sellers can cancel or change flights that have been booked via an NDC connectivity. All of these features, as well as the new graphical interface, were designed and tested in close collaboration with Amadeus customers through the NDC [X] program. The NDC-enabled version of Selling Platform Connect is currently being used by several key partners in the NDC [X] program. Gradual deployment will start over the coming months, while the solution continues to be improved with further content and functionalities.

For more information about what Amadeus is doing to drive the adoption of NDC across the industry, please see our latest blog post and infographic, and our NDC homepage

Gain control over content

Control product creation and targeting depending on the customer and/or channels.

Sell more with tailored offers

Maximize profit by selling relevant services through bundling, fare families, or optional ancillary services. Drive conversion with product information. Deploy innovative capabilities such as personalization to enrich and enhance the customer experience. Stimulate market demand with promotional prices.

Expand your reach with NDC

Increase your distribution reach by providing easy access to your NDC-sourced content. Tailor your content and roll it out in real-time to all your NDC partners.

Open the door to innovations

Altéa NDC can unlock so many more business opportunities and it is the first step to other industry initiatives: ONE Order, dynamic offers, or future of interline.

Offer and Order management

Thanks to integrated Offer & Order Management Systems , Amadeus Altéa NDC supports end-to-end NDC booking flows from shopping to purchasing to servicing. Airlines can tailor their offers using latest merchandising techniques. Once booked, NDC Orders can be consistently served in all channels.

Amadeus system performance

Benefit from a scalable, stable, and efficient system.

Full Altéa ecosystem integration

No synchronization needed due to single NDC Order /Altéa PSS PNR. Amadeus Shopping and Merchandising integrations.

NDC channel monitoring with dashboards

Performance dashboard helps to monitor NDC channel adoption on Shopping and Order, including look-to-book ratios.

Ready to deploy at scale

Support provided by our NDC experts in addition to sandboxes for NDC partners’ self-development. Seamless NDC-content integration into the Amadeus Travel Platform. Integration with all major aggregators, GDSs, and NDC sellers worldwide.


Continuous investments to keep pace with the latest IATA standards. Amadeus is a key contributor to IATA ONE Order and future of interline initiatives.

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New Distribution Capability (NDC)

New Distribution Capability (NDC) is just one, yet critical, enabler in the larger vision of enhanced travel retailing. And Amadeus is driving it forward.




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